Thursday, February 24, 2011

It could have been tragic

I went to bed a little later than usual last night, having napped intermittently throughout the day and then studying for my cell bio exam in my waking hours. I drifted off to sleep somewhat slowly, only to be jolted awake by the loud sounds of intoxication accompanied by the strong smell of tobacco product.

First, it must be understood that I live on the second floor of a dormitory that is on a hill. One one side of the hill, the first floor is level with the ground and the second floor is where a second floor should be. On the other side--my side--the first floor is windowless dungeon and the second floor's window barely peeps over the parking lot. At night, bright parking lot lights provide ample lighting in my darkened room to play chess by, and all manner of sounds and aromas originate, quite literally, right next to my window.

I usually keep said window closed, but I have noticed as of late that I, as a mammal of higher intelligence, prefer fresh air while indulging in my studies, so I leave it cracked open throughout the day. This is particularly necessary in the winter since residents are unable to adjust the heat, and the rooms are fairly boiling over without proper ventilation.

So, through my only barely open window, at three in the morning (of course I checked), two males and one female were taking a smoke break right outside my window, which I'm sure is against some nonsmoking regulation. I wouldn't bitch as much, except they were also talking loudly.

They said all sorts of things which I promptly forgot in my half-asleep haze, but I do remember imagining larger and larger rocks falling on them until one of the childish males made some sort of offensive comment to the female, and she squeaked "Stopppp!" several times before stomping away to what was presumably her building. The males tried to drag her back into their boozed out smoking party, but she insisted that "That's IT. The end. ENDDDD."

Whatever the hell that means.

When they finally got her back within range of my hearing, she was sobbing brokenly and saying things like, "People are always calling me chunky or fat and I feel like I'm ugly and..." She seemed to have a complete meltdown and then the males left with her.

I was completely clueless as to what had actually transpired, but I didn't really care. I was just glad that they were gone. And while, under normal circumstances, I would have felt sorry for the female's apparent body image troubles, at 3 fucking AM on the night before an exam, I was just glad they had a reason to go away.

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