Wednesday, February 2, 2011

They're not all gonna be gems

I just wanted to pop on here to say that I love purple eyeliner. I remember, way back when in high school, when I was trying to figure out this whole cosmetics business (not because I wanted to be more feminine or whatever, but because I needed the knowledge for the role of a drag queen but that's a really long, overtold story that I'll save for some other time after I've gained fresh perspective on it), I did an internet search and the internet told me that purple eyeliner was so great for me. I couldn't make it work back then, with a tiny stub of purple eyeliner that I'd stolen from the drama department's makeup stash, but now I have SO MUCH PURPLE EYE MAKEUP. And it is ALL AWESOME.

I'm sorry if you came here looking for a really deep post. But I looked at my blog stats not fifteen minutes ago and apparently I'm the only person who reads these posts, so that's ok anyway.

P.S.: I am really confused to why my suitemate's ex is still using our shower. Unless he's not an ex anymore? Still, it's disconcerting to have "boy in shower" worries when I'm living in a single for the sole reason of avoiding interaction with icky people.

P.P.S.: No, there is only one person writing this blog--me. Something confusing happened with Google accounts and when I tried to change the name I sign with, things exploded and now it looks like I'm two people. I'm not, really.

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