Monday, January 31, 2011

Kinda like a raccoon

Is it a "thing" now to fill up whole notebooks with crap that you think sounds neat? One of my sister's friends was asking around on Facebook for quotes she hadn't heard yet, so that she could put them and some random poems into a notebook. I'm thinking, wut? What is the point of this? Are your own thoughts so boring that you have to paste others' into a notebook to, I don't know, look at while you're on the toilet?

Because, to me, that's kind of like a raccoon collecting shiny things just because they're shiny. The big difference here is that raccoons can't create shiny things on their own.

I'm not saying that quotes aren't awesome. They can be fun, inspirational, motivational, or a host of other positive adjectives. I just don't see the merit in filling a whole notebook with them.

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